Why you need mud tires for your ATV


If you live or ride in an area where it rains often and you own an ATV, then you must be tired of getting stuck in mud pools and bummed out that there isn’t a better solution to your problem. But, the truth being said, there is one. Mud tires are a clever invention, definitely worth a few minutes of your time to spend on reading more about this topic.

Thousands of puddles form after each storm, and it can be pretty annoying to avoid them. Mud tires would solve that, and you won’t have to drive around them anymore but instead go right through them like a true boss. But before discussing specifics and options, we should get to the core of the problem and talk about terrain types and your particular needs.

Perhaps you live or have your camp settled near the swamps of the south or the never-ending wet bogs of the northeast, both which are notorious for the fact that they are hard to access and ride on. When the sticky mud is up to your neck for most of the day, specialized equipment is your only way out, plus a touch of courage.

Mud tires are worth it if you find yourself exploring mountain trails, country Jeep roads, and many other places that get a good soaking after a heavy rain. But perhaps the most value of a buy like this belongs to those who ride through varied types of terrain, and not just one type.

You never know when rain will hit you, so you’d better be prepared by installing these tires, especially since they don’t really have any downsides when compared to traditional models. So, have a little moment of introspection and think of the environment where you’ll be riding the most. The answers you might come up with, will for sure determine the ideal mud tires for your needs.

There are three classes of ATV mud tires. The first category belongs to the type of product that you can use all year round, in all kinds of weather and terrain. Their highlight is the fact that they come with a good sturdy tread for traction, which is a feature you’ll be finding yourself using plenty of times in unforeseen situations.

The second class belongs to the tires specially created for heavy mud. You could use them on all types of terrain, sure, but they will shine in fresh mud situations. They come with a pretty deep tread style and feature a curved design for self-cleaning.

And the last one is for those who ride in extremely muddy situations, like on the bank of a river, or a desert after a storm. I am exaggerating, of course, but you get the picture. You can’t use them to go to the supermarket, and they belong in the garage of a particular category ATV rider – the extreme sports lover.